Toolkit: Alarms and Simple Devices

A partial list of alarms and simple devices to manage ADHD:

  1. Hourly chime: on your smart phone or watch, to help you remember that time is passing, that you should check to make sure you’re doing what you intend
  2. Hourly (or other) alarm on your computer: customized to remind you to stay on task
  3. Calendar alarm on computer or smart phone: to remind you of appointments or scheduled tasks.*
  4. Smart phone or physical timer to use the Pomodoro Technique for focused, time-limited efforts.

More to come…


*Set your alarm to include transition time! Got a meeting at 2:30 p.m. down the hall? Set your  alarm for 2:15 so that you can wind down what you’re doing, gather what you need for the meeting, and stop by the water fountain or toilet on your way to the 2:30 meeting.

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