ADHD & Executive Coaching, Combined

Here’s how you win bigger with combined ADHD and executive coaching:

An ADHD Coach… An Executive Coach… The ADHD/exec Coach…
…helps you understand your need to explore many options …helps you focus on ranking options, and how to pick the best one or two …helps you understand that your drive to explore options comes from ADHD,

AND that you need to design your work in a way that allows you to focus most of your time on your top few priorities, while allowing yourself an outlet (and time budget) for exploring more things so you don’t get bored.

…helps you manage your hyperactivity and hyperverbalism during the 9-to-5 …helps you set goals for improving communications with colleagues through better organization …helps you see where you can use your physical and verbal energy to inspire your colleagues or yourself,

AND how to equip your colleagues with tools and language that let them help you help yourself, without worrying that you’ll take their requests poorly

…sees how you need high-stimulation …helps you focus on business risk-reward …helps you see how the pull of high-stim can increase your risk,

AND helps you include your love of high-stim in the total reward (business and personal) that you get from a particular choice.

…helps you identify what triggers your hyperfocus and hyperactivity. …helps you see job areas where your focus skills are best put to use, and where your imaginative energy is best put to use. …helps you learn how to apply your hyperfocus traits to the right times and tasks

AND how to apply your imaginative energy traits to the right times and tasks.

…helps you pick organizing tools that work for your style. …helps you identify communication strengths/weaknesses and reasonable approaches for working with colleagues (especially staff who report to you) …helps you make a bridge between how you think and organize (for your own insides)

AND how your colleagues think and organize.

…helps you create a game-plan for managing ADHD challenges (e.g., organization, or impulse management) …helps you create a game-plan for achieving professional development goals (e.g., delegation skills, or career direction) …helps you create an integrated game-plan that considers your ADHD

AND focuses on your professional talents, opportunities, and goals.

Are you ready to win at work?