Is ADHD Executive Coaching for me?

Do you have attention issues and do you work for a living? If so, then Yes!

What if I’m not an “executive”?

No problem. You could be an engineer, an editor, or a teacher. You could be a small-business owner, a lawyer, or a consultant. As long as you want to be more effective at work.

Do I need an “official” ADHD diagnosis?

No, you don’t need an official diagnosis. I’ll just ask you why you think you have attention deficit disorder, and how you think it affects you at work.

What if I also have anxiety or depression?

Many people with ADHD also have anxiety, depression or other conditions that affect your work life. Just let me know so we can consider them.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Coaching focuses on individual performance. Consulting focuses on the business’s performance. Consulting (in my practice) looks at at issues related to the marketplace or the overall business, rather than the individual. Coaching and consulting overlap when opportunities or challenges relate to the individual’s skills and preferences (e.g., choosing a strategy that lines up with the individual’s personality).

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy (from my perspective) considers deep questions about your history, mental wiring”, and your relationships with yourself and others. Therapy can address issues of overall mental state (good, bad, and otherwise) as they affect you 24/7 in all aspects of life. Coaching (in my approach) focuses on improving your daily performance at work. Coaching relies on information that comes from your self-observation, my observations, and any data you’ve acquired from elsewhere (e.g., from colleagues, therapists, family, etc.). Coaching and therapy overlap but are nonetheless different.

What kind of people do you coach?

I’ve worked with technical professionals (e.g., engineers and scientists) and marketing professionals in large organizations. And I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, small business owners, real estate agents, and consultants. I work well with people who are both analytical and imaginative, and also hopeful. I work poorly with people who are pessimistic and grumpy, or who forget that business is first about people.

Is success guaranteed?

No. But success is highly likely if (a) you are motivated improve your work life, (b) you are honest about what works and what doesn’t in your world, and (c) are willing to build new habits while breaking away from old habits. I’ll bring my insights about attention deficit disorder, executive performance, and business. I’ll give you my honest perspectives as an outsider who really pays attention to you. And I’ll cheer for you and your success. Every day.

How do we get in touch?

Call me at 919.491.4530! Or send an email.