“Do most people grow out of ADHD, or do they just learn to hide it better?”

ADHD is a lifetime condition — it’s how our brains are wired, so we can’t outgrow it like, say, acne or raging teenage hormones 🙂

Over time, though, we can do at least two things to make ADHD less of a problem and more of a joyful personality trait:

(1) we learn skills to cope with it (e.g., we get in the habit of setting alarms to let us know when it’s time to get up from our desk and head to the car to drive to our appointments, instead of just writing appointment times on the calendar)

(2) we learn how to choose jobs and environments and relationships where our ADHD are a good fit (e.g., active jobs that let us move around during the day) and not a tragic misfit (e.g. desk jobs with tedious, unchanging solo work,which is bad for most of us).


I wrote this post in reply to a question on Quora. 
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