“Stop Talking”

stop talking business card

I wouldn’t give one to a stranger, but I’d gladly get one from a friend.

I ask clients and colleagues to interrupt me if I’m going on too long, and I’ve teamed with colleagues to interrupt each other* if one of us is hogging the floor, talking at our clients instead of conversing with them.

Facts to remember:

  • Other people need to speak.
  • We need to listen.
  • Bite-sized statements are easier to digest (and easier redirect if they’re on the wrong track).
  • Not everything needs to be said right now, if at all.

“Stop talking” is a welcome interruption when requested in advance.

*It helps to use nicer words than “stop talking” or “STFU”. ☺

Email: Wait Before You Send

Write your email then wait 5 minutes before you click SEND.

You may discover:

  • It needs an edit.
  • You forgot an attachment.
  • You’ve answered your own question (that you were about to ask via email).
  • It’s none of your business (delete the draft!)
  • You don’t have time for this conversation (or the thing you were about to promise!)
  • While you were waiting, somebody else took care of whatever needed to get done.


If it’s a group email, wait TEN minutes, not five!