For Referring Professionals

Thank you for visiting! Here’s my brief introduction:

  • I provide integrated ADHD/executive coaching to help clients succeed at work. (see more)
    • It’s ADHD coaching focused on workplace performance. We manage ADHD as it affects current work projects, work relationships, and habitual problems like chronic lateness.
    • It’s executive coaching that recognizes ADHD nature. We create priorities and plans that reflect the client’s work environment and the client’s ADHD.
    • Combining ADHD coaching with executive coaching increases the odds for success: higher productivity and greater peace of mind at work.

  • My coaching is a practical, “frequent-touch” adjunct to your medical, therapeutic, and counseling expertise. (see more)
    • Clients rely on you to help them understand the nature of their ADHD, their challenges, and also their strengths. You help your clients see their ADHD in the larger context of relationships with self, family, and others.
    • I am not a mental health professional, but as a management consultant, I know how business professionals succeed and/or fail.
    • As a consultant who has worked with many ADHD business clients (and as professional with ADHD, myself), I get how ADHD shapes behavior and performance at work. I know at a granular level how it affects my clients’ behavior, and how it affects their colleagues’ behavior toward them.

  • My coaching practice is new, but it’s based on >20 years of experience as a business consultant working with entrepreneurs and professionals (many of whom have ADHD), plus 10 years as an engineer working with large organizations like General Motors and Champion Paper. (see more)
    • I have an MBA from the Kenan Flagler Business School (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an ScB in engineering from Brown University. (I do not have any current coaching certifications.)
    • I was diagnosed with ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 1996.

  • Good “fit” is important for my clients and me, just as it is with their therapists and doctors. (see more)
    • The good news is that with weekly calls and emails, we’ll quickly find out how well we fit — almost always within the first month, often sooner.
    • I work best with clients who are good-humored, hopeful, and self-respecting, and who believe that their work has meaning beyond “a job”.
    • I am a particularly good match for clients who bring a spiritual perspective to their relationships with self and others.

  • I coach remotely via video, phone and email, at a cost-effective rate. (see more)
    • Weekly phone calls and emails are the normal structure.
    • My base fee is a cost-effective $150/session.
    • Each session is 30 to 50 minutes and includes a followup email and/or text exchange to check progress on goals set during the one-one-one session.
    • Online notekeeping, evening/weekend calls, and other services are available for additional fees.

  • For a sense of my coaching approach and fit with your clients, here are some illustrative web pages: (see more)

Have any questions? Please reach me by phone (919.491.4530) or email.

Thank you again for considering my referral request. And please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

Phil Marsosudiro MBA
ADHD/executive coach