Do you have valued staff who struggle with ADHD at work?

If you do, I’d like to help.

Most of us have colleagues who are smart, motivated, and hard-working but are frustrated (and frustrating) because they fail to reach their potential. With integrated ADHD/executive coaching, I help professionals improve productivity and peace-of-mind at work. Everybody wins: your colleague, your company, and your customers.

As you know, ADHD at work shows up in many ways:

  • Time-management problems and missed deadlines
  • Faulty products, inaccurate budgets, safety hazards, etc.
  • Poor listening and communication skills
  • Loss of motivation and enthusiasm
  • Lack of organization
  • Loss of trust from colleagues, and an increased need for supervision
  • Interpersonal conflict and more

ADHD at work is expensive:

  • First, there’s the lost salary, taxes, and benefits (and overhead) you paid for wasted effort
  • Then there’s the cost to fix errors that could have been prevented
  • Then add the cost of more management time to minimize future errors

If you lose even 10% of a professional’s productivity (and 10% is a modest number), the cost to your employer is well into five digits.

ADHD/executive coaching can help you win back those losses.

The ADHD9to5 coaching program includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls to work on both ADHD management and executive effectiveness
  • Weekly emails
  • Online planning and recordkeeping, if desired
  • Collaboration with HR and/or management, if desired

Would you like to learn about cost-effective ADHD/executive coaching for your staff? Please call me at 919-491-4530 or contact me online. I’d be glad to learn about your needs and offer my help, custom-fit for your organization.

Phil Marsosudiro, MBA
ADHD/executive Coach