For HR Professionals

Do you have valued staff who struggle with ADHD at work?

If you do, I’d like to help.

Most of us have colleagues who are smart, motivated, and hard-working but are frustrated (and frustrating) because they fail to reach their potential. With integrated ADHD/executive coaching, I help professionals improve productivity and peace-of-mind at work. Everybody wins: your colleague, your company, and your customers.

As you know, ADHD at work shows up in many ways:

  • Time-management problems and missed deadlines
  • Faulty products, inaccurate budgets, safety hazards, etc.
  • Poor listening and communication skills
  • Loss of motivation and enthusiasm
  • Lack of organization
  • Loss of trust from colleagues, and an increased need for supervision
  • Interpersonal conflict and more

ADHD at work is expensive:

  • First, there’s the lost salary, taxes, and benefits (and overhead) you paid for wasted effort
  • Then there’s the cost to fix errors that could have been prevented
  • Then add the cost of more management time to minimize future errors

If you lose even 10% of a professional’s productivity (and 10% is a modest number), the cost to your employer is well into five digits.

ADHD/executive coaching can help you win back those losses.

The ADHD9to5 coaching program includes:

  • Weekly coaching calls to work on both ADHD management and executive effectiveness
  • Weekly emails
  • Online planning and recordkeeping, if desired
  • Collaboration with HR and/or management, if desired

Would you like to learn about cost-effective ADHD/executive coaching for your staff? Please call me at 919-491-4530 or contact me online. I’d be glad to learn about your needs and offer my help, custom-fit for your organization.

Phil Marsosudiro, MBA
ADHD/executive Coach