Alumn’Eye at Work — Share your Story?

School and work are different, and for most of us, the switch is a big adjustment. The tasks are different, the timeframes are different, and the relationships are different. What's more, it's usually a puzzle to find out what's expected of us, and how we're supposed to get it done.

The good news is that hundreds of alumn'eye are working on the workplace puzzle every day and learning how to succeed as adults with LD/ADHD. To start gathering our collective wisdom, Phil Marsosudiro at is kicking things off with a series of short articles on how to succeed in the workplace with LD/ADHD.

Will you share your work stories with Phil as he cranks up his research? He'd love to hear your discoveries; the things you wish you'd known before your first day on the job; and the surprises, both happy and horrifying.

The topics of Phil's first two articles are "Winning at Work with LD/ADHD -- Wisdom for Your First Year on the Job" and "LD/ADHD Rules, Regulations, and Realities in the Workplace -- How Workplace Laws Help, and How We Have to Help Ourselves."
To share your thoughts on "Winning at Work with LD/ADHD -- Insights for Your First Year on the Job", click here.

To share your thoughts on "LD/ADHD Rules, Regulations and Realities in the Workplace -- How Workplace Laws Help, and How We Have to Help Ourselves", click here.

Phil works with professionals and entrepreneurs with ADHD, in the pursuit of productivity and peace of mind. His ADHD diagnosis at age 28 led him to leave his early career as an environmental engineer and to become an management consultant and coach. He has BS in engineering from Brown University, and an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His website,, is a free online resource full of useful (and sometimes funny) articles and carefully selected links to help adults with ADHD at work.