Outwit ADHD — Fast, Free Workshops at the Frontier

Got ADHD? Boost productivity and peace of mind with the Outwit ADHD workshop series.

Hi-speed learning, doing, and sharing at the Frontier in RTP.

In just 33 minutes, you’ll get at LEAST one of the following:

  1. A useful tip or insight you can use IMMEDIATELY.
  2. A chance to share your own wisdom.
  3. A shot at the daily door prize.

Session format:

  1. Opening exercise: mental, not physical (11 minutes)
  2. Topic Presentation with Q&A (11 minutes)
  3. Co-coaching: share ideas and encouragement around the room (11 minutes)


  1. What’s admission? $3.30
  2. Why 33 minutes? Fun and focus
  3. Will I have to talk about myself during co-coaching? No, but it’d be a lot cooler if you did.

About the workshop leader:

Phil Marsosudiro is a consultant and coach who likes to help people Do Good, Have Fun, and Make Money. He has also worked as an engineer and a marketing director and he gets it about ADHD because he has it, too.

Topics and Draft Schedule for 2018

Time Management: Anti-Procrastination Hacks for Entrepreneurs — Jul X

Mental Interruptions: Say No with Judo — Aug X

ADHD in Entrepreneurs: Your Fuel and Frustration — Aug X

Quickstart Guide: Train Your Co-workers How to Work with Your ADHD — Sep X


How to Say No at Work

How to Say No to Good Ideas

Time Management: Truth, Troubles, Tips

Profit Math — Know Where To Spend Your Time

Time Management: Timeboxing and Tomatoes

ADHD and Anxiety: A-holes and Best Friends

Fidget-spinners, Exercise, and Other Ways to Vent Your Energy

How to Be on Time.

How Does Your ADHD Show Up at Work? ID the Critical Few.

Co-Coaching and Accountability Partners