How to Say “No” at Work — Advance Reading Copy for friends

How to Say “No” at Work: 250+ Fun and Useful Phrases to Defend Yourself from Your Co-workers is now available as an Advance Reading Copy.

Here’s the PDF download. and here’s the eBook download (in ePUB format).

I’d be thrilled for friends to read and comment or even use!

I welcome feedback of any kind, such as:

  • alternative titles (by 10 Nov, please)
  • proofreading (by 10 Nov, please)
  • copy editing (by 10 Nov, please)
  • positive “review” comments for the back jacket or other marketing
  • ebook formatting/tech advice, and advice on navigating the Amazon system (asap, please!)
  • marketing ideas (for getting the book read by more people, and/or for using the book to attract more consulting and coaching clients)

My goal for this book is DONE not perfect, so I’m shooting for “acceptable” writing, not great writing (or even good writing). That said, I do want to eliminate any cringeworthy problems.

After this volume gets some circulation and feedback in the fall/winter, I’ll crank out a followup volume 2 (“250+ MORE ways!”), which will contain a new set of snarky/silly ways to say “no” plus an update of the intro from this first volume. So feel free to give me ideas that might not be necessary (or do-able) for the first volume but could be incorporated into the second.

Hit me up with what you’ve got!