You Win at Work with Coaching

With good coaching, you learn to manage your ADHD. You get good enough at time-management, organization, and mental focus that they stop being handicaps. And then you get a bigger payoff from all your effort and smarts.

If you’re ready for productivity and peace of mind at work, you’re ready for ADHD/executive coaching. Sign up today for a one-month (five-session) package of individual coaching via phone and email, and save $150 (50%) with this special offer. Here’s what you get:

One Month Individual Coaching – Special Package

FIVE Individual Coaching Sessions via Phone or Skype

Weekly Email

24/7 Cheering for Your Success

Session 1 (50 minutes):

  • Review your challenges and opportunities around ADHD and work performance.
  • Identify one area to improve this month.
  • Agree on a first-week action plan.

Sessions 2–5 (25 minutes each):

  • Review actions and progress. Modify plan as necessary.
We stay focused with a 150-word limit. You always have your coach in your corner

Sign up.
Get productive.
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