Many months ago when I asked for your help to meet HR people who might hire me for ADHD/executive coaching, you kindly asked for a model email.

Well hey, here it is!

Dear [esteemed HR friend or CEO/COO]
With this email, I’d like to introduce my colleague and friend, Phil Marsosudiro — a longtime business consultant and coach whose work I respect. He offers a unique ADHD/executive coaching service to help business professionals get more “productivity and peace of mind” at work. If you have any valued staff who you value and respect but who need help with time-management, organization, priority-setting, focus, and the like, I encourage you to talk with Phil to see if he can help you make your organization even stronger.
I’ve just spent six months working closely with Phil, who served as editor and sheep-herding project manager for my new book, “Leading with Bricks — Best Practices for Middle Managers.” As I said in my acknowledgements, “Blessed with the organizing gene, Phil created order from my brain dump. He was my perfect counterpart for this book-writing project. Phil also brought supporting material to each chapter, based on his own experience as an effective coach and trainer.” I really like working with Phil and I’ll bet you will, too. Here’s a link to his work:
Meanwhile, I send you my best wishes for continued success at [organization]. And be on the lookout for another email from me in the next few weeks, as soon as my book hits the press!
J. Peter Anlyan, Awesomeguy

Does that look like something you can send to your HR and CEO/COO friends near and far? As always, it’s yours to edit as you wish 🙂