Dhananjay Coaching Package (Draft)

Hello Jayanthi — thank you so much for contacting me about working with Dhananjay. Your son sounds like a bright and motivated young man.

Here are three areas of emphasis I can imagine us working on:

(1) Balanced time management planning — ADHD/executive coaching to help Dhananjay (a) sensibly plan how much time he needs to allocate to school, business, and other activities and (b) understand the consequences of poor planning or execution.

(2) Entrepreneurship — business coaching to help Dhananjay plan and run his business. I’ll help Dhananjay make the most of his ideas and energy, while avoiding some of the pitfalls related to (a) lack of business experience and (b) youthful optimism.

(3) Time management execution — ADHD/performance coaching to help Dhananjay (a) stick to his plan, as best as possible, (b) monitor his performance, (c) adjust his plans and behaviors as necessary.

Here is the first draft of a monthly package we could do together. Note that each month includes four sessions with Dhananthy (40 minutes each) and one session with the parent(s) if desired.

Monthly Coaching Plan (Draft)

Weekly Individual Coaching Sessions at the Frontier

Weekly Email

Session Plan (40 minutes):

  • Prioritize wishes and needs (business and school).
  • Develop plans to succeed, with weekly behaviors and goals.
  • Evaluate how plans are working.
  • Evaluate how well he is sticking to his plans.
  • Make adjustments to plans and/or behaviors as necessary.
We stay focused with a 250-word limit. (250-word update from Dhananjay, and 250-word reply from Phil.)

Online Notes for Dhananjay

Online Notes, Email Check-ins, and Monthly Meeting or Call with Parent(s)

We will keep meeting notes online for Dhananjay and Phil to refer to. Phil will add weekly notes between 250 and 750 words. Dhananjay will add notes at whatever length is appropriate for his work. Dhananjay may share these notes with his parent(s) at his discretion. Phil will add online notes summarizing Dhananjay’s progress and other observations, for parent(s)’ review.

Phil will be available for brief email check-ins each week if parent(s) wish.

Phil will be available for a 40-minute monthly meeting (or phone call) to review Dhananjay’s progress.

For the above package, the monthly fee would be $650. Note that this package is considerably more substantial than my basic adult package. For Dhananjay, I’ve proposed (a) weekly meetings in person for 40 minutes (compared to my phone/Skype meetings at 25 minutes) (b) two sets of online notes, (c) email and meeting time with parent(s).

It would be a privilege and pleasure to help your son make the most of his intellect and ambition. I remember my own first efforts at entrepreneurship when I was fifteen, attempting to import pop music cassettes from the Philippines, to sell in the US at a great profit. If I knew then what I know now, I would have done better as an entrepreneur and better as a scholar at the NC School of Science and Mathematics! I’d be glad to share what I’ve learned with Dhananjay, so that he can leapfrog past some of my own teenaged mistakes.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!