ADHD in the Workplace — Center for ADHD Awareness, Canada

Center for ADHD Awareness, Canada

CADDAC provides a well-written set of insights and tips about ADHD in the workplace, an overview of how ADHD affects people at work, workplace accommodations and strategies, and career choices for people with ADHD.

Special Note — they offer a Guide for Employers, excerpted here:

Many adults with ADHD perform their jobs extremely well and find that some of their ADHD traits: high energy, problem solving, creativity, and being able to hyper-focus, are significant benefits in their chosen career.  For other adults with ADHD, some of their ADHD symptoms may cause difficulties in the workplace. Gaining an understanding about ADHD as an employer and allowing your employee to implement simple strategies is often all that is required to successfully satisfy both parties and increase job performance. In some cases additional accommodations are required, but these need not cause undue hardship for the employer nor inconvenience the employee or their co-workers.




Be Bold in the Brainstorm

Creative, associative thinking.

You do it all day long, anyway.
You might as well get paid for it.
And let your skills shine in public!

Bonus: idea-sharing turns your excess energy into your co-workers’ fuel. Double win.

Photo: Kevin Dooley, used under Creative Commons license

ADDitude Magazine — the Biggest and Best

ADDitude Magazine is the #1 website for people with ADHD, and families of people with ADHD.

Their ADHD at Work section is substantial, and quickly puts all of their relevant content in one place, so you don’t have to sift through other major areas (e.g., children with ADHD)

Here’s a recent screenshot of their ADHD at Work home page:


Adult ADD Strengths: Advice and Coaching from Pete Quily is ADD Coach Pete Quily’s blog “about the strengths, challenges and how to effectively manage Adult Attention Surplus Condition, more commonly known as ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

A few items from his list of most popular posts:

Top 10 Ways to Manage Adult ADHD
Top 10 Advantages of ADHD in a High Tech Career
The Upside of ADHD, Enthusiasm, Empathy and High Energy

My favorite post:

The Positive Characteristics of People With ADD

“While it is important to deal with our challenges, you don’t make a great living and a great life by primarily focusing on what you’re not good at. What you focus on expands”

The list includes:

  • Can find alternate paths
  • Constantly evolving
  • Good in a crisis
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Great brain-stormer
  • High energy – go, go, go
  • Hyper focus!!
  • Likes learning new things
  • Quick thinking
  • Quick witted
  • Unconventional
  • Willing to explore

ADHD Impact: Society for Human Resource Management

Excerpts from Understanding the Impact of Employees with ADHD in the Workplace
By Pamela Babcock, Feb 4, 2009, for the Society for Human Resource Management

…“There are times no matter how hard I try to work nothing is going to happen, but I think there are times when I can accomplish so much more than most people,” [Valerie] Christensen says.

A couple of months ago, Christensen’s company began allowing her to work an alternate schedule. Her workday is now broken up into two four-hour blocks—she spends mornings at the office and works late evenings at home. The schedule was originally implemented so Christensen could spend more time with her children. But it has had a positive impact on her productivity as a marketing/media professional with ADHD. …

“My boss and I have discovered I am much more focused as a result of having less time at the office to work with,” Christensen says. “I literally accomplish in my half-days at work close to what I used to in a full, eight-hour stretch.”

Legal Issues to Consider

Any request for accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act should come from the employee, not the employer. If you believe that an employee is not performing well—for any reason—Eisaguirre recommends asking: “Is there anything that I’m doing or that anyone else is doing here at work that’s interfering with your success?”

Careers that Work

Individuals with ADHD can certainly be successful. …

Dr. David Whitehouse, chief medical officer for Santa Ana, Calif.-based OptumHealth Behavioral Solutions, says employees with ADHD should avoid jobs that require constant attention to details and minutia and should opt for jobs that require high energy and intelligence. …And because employees with ADHD frequently need more sleep, giving a senior executive with ADHD a 40-page report to read the evening before a major decision-making meeting is probably not a good idea. “Under that kind of deadline pressure working late at night, they are probably not going to do well,” Whitehouse adds.


SHRM is the leading professional organization for human resource managers.