“We Can Do Anything But We Can’t Do Everything”

“We Can Do Anything But We Can’t Do Everything”

— Author Unknown

With a car and four hours, you can drive from New York to Boston. Or you can drive from New York to DC. But you can’t do both.

You’re smart enough to write a marketing plan in one week. Or renegotiate a large contract. Or do performance reviews for all of your direct reports. But you can’t do all three.


Ability is not the same as capacity!


Steering first. Gas second.

“If I have a clear set of tasks to do, a big cup of coffee in the morning is a great productivity-enhancer. I get straight to work and stay focused for hours. But if I don’t have a clear set of tasks in mind before I have the coffee, I’m just wired and rudderless.”
— Anonymous Reader

There’s often an order to doing things. We ADHDexecs have spent many years ignoring the steps and sometimes that’s fine. But sometimes we really need to know the 1, 2, 3…

Assembling “a clear set of tasks” can be hard if you’re working on a big, complex project. In fact, it’s impossible to write your whole list of tasks! So break it down. A day’s worth if you can do it. Or a half-day’s worth. Or half-hour‘s worth. Whatever you can do — as long as it’s steering first, gas second.


I Said “No” and It Felt GREAT

A colleague asked me to join his new side project. “It’ll be interesting,” he said. “The results will be useful,” he said. “It won’t take much time,” he said.

“No, thank you”, I said
And it felt great

Some Ideas Suck. Let Them Go.

People with ADHD have lots of ideas.
Some ideas suck. Let them go.

Some ideas suck only because of timing.
Let those go, too.