At Least We Can Count?

At my last real job, I’d stop by the gas station for donuts if I was already running late. People don’t yell at you when you bring donuts.


Source: some anonymous genius; found on the internet

One Chance in Seven…

It’s fun to be scatterbrained early, but not to be scatterbrained late.


Source: some anonymous genius; found on the internet

The Cost of Hyperfocus

…or something like that.

The worst part is when Verizon sends me a text that says “you’re about to go over your allotment,” but I’m so focused on whatever I’m doing that I ignore all text messages.

ADHD Brain Activity

I get no kick from finish work.


Source: some anonymous genius; found on the internet

Good Intentions vs. Good Sleep

Me at 9 pm: I'm going to bed early tonight. Me at midnight: .... Me at 5:30: Is that the sun?

If I want to go to sleep early, I have to set AT LEAST one alarm to remind myself, one hour ahead of actually eyes-shut.

I used to say “one hour ahead of lights-out”, but that was before the whole internet opened for business by my bedside via my phone.


Source: some anonymous genius; found on the internet


Do you have trouble getting yourself to bed on time? If you need a penalty-based incentive system, I’d love to help you meet your goals!. (I can also provide reward-based incentives, even though those are slightly less fun (for me, ha!).)

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“Don’t Talk To Me…”

ADHD self-awareness while working

“Don’t talk to me. I have no self-control and will talk to you for 3 hours and achieve nothing. Thanks. I love you.”

I love this guy.


Photo credit: found it on the internet somewhere.

Not ADHD but Toilet Paper — Who Knew?

“Mary was so fidgety she couldn’t concentrate… I was shocked to find that harsh toilet tissue was the cause.”

“I was worried when Mary’s teacher told me she was restless in school and couldn’t seem to concentrate. When I asked Mary what was the matter she complained of an itching. I asked a friend’s advice at Mother’s Club that afternoon. She said it was probably caused by harsh or impure toilet tissue, and recommended ScotTissue. So I bought some ScotTissue. It looked very pure and soft. In a few days Mary’s trouble had entirely disappeared.”


Source: ScotTissue ad spotted on the internet.
From 1933, per “Soap, Sex, and Cigarettes: A Cultural History of American Advertising”, by Juliann Sivulka

Adderall + Thomas Jefferson =

“When Ben Franklin gives you some of his Adderall and you write the whole Declaration of Independence in one night.”

Source: adapted from a joke found on the internet. The original joke-writer said the Adderall was from John Locke but that would be anachronistic. Jefferson drafted the Declaration in 1776; John Locke died in 1704.